Semalt: A Starter's Guideline On How To Set Up Facebook Instant Articles For WordPress Plugin

In 2015, a roll-out of instant articles was given out. After some months ago they were released globally on Facebook. According to Search Engine Optimization experts, instant articles entirely depend on WordPress plugins. These instant articles are created in such a way that your full posts are in super-optimized versions.The WordPress plugin is designed in such a way that the instant articles loads up to ten times faster on mobile devices.

This guide, defined by Jack Miller, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, will help starters and beginners looking forward to activating their WordPress plugin.

Instant articles have a speed of 0-300ms which your reader will love. Through WordPress plugin, instant articles load a stripped-down, minimalist version of your site. This is to achieve the high speed. Thus they do not load your full site. It is for this reason that instant articles through WordPress plugins might not be for everyone.

Online businesses entirely depend on Search Engine Optimization for improved visibility and boost user engagement. Are you a website owner or a marketing consultant working on improving your business' visibility on social media platforms such as Facebook? Instant articles are the ultimate shot to take. Designing your articles can end up earning you real traffic, boosted engagement, and backlinks. The best thing about using instant articles on Facebook is the compatibility aspect. Apart from giving clients a chance to operate with ads, Instant Articles are also compatible with Google Analytics programs.

The Take of Facebook on Instant Articles

According to a release made live by Facebook Incorporation, Instant Articles are not directly promoted on Facebook platform. However, the articles are promoted and generated indirectly as they lead to increased backlinks, shares, and generated traffic. As an online business person, you'll definitely opt for using Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress.

Pros and Cons of Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

Instant Articles through WordPress plugging entails a lot of advantages than disadvantages. These articles are compatible with Google Analytics, a key reason that allows website owners to exclude fake traffic. Instant Articles through WordPress plugin is mobile friendly hence allowing users to click through and share the links easily.

However, these articles do not render successful results with customized fields and short-generated codes. Instant Articles through WordPress plugins are the best shot for publishers aiming at hitting a large number of audiences.

Tips on how to add Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress Sites

  • Download and install Instant Articles for WordPress plugin on your website. To install the WordPress plugin, check on your website dashboard and configure your settings.
  • Generate and fill in your 'App ID' on your website by selecting the 'Add a new Page' icon.
  • Fill in your favorite email under the 'Apps for Pages' category.
  • Enter your website's domain under the 'Tell us about your website' section.
  • Click the 'Next' button and skip the rest of the procedure. On your top right corner, select and tap the 'Skip Quick Start' icon to get started.
  • Open your WordPress plugin setup and paste the values copied from your website dashboard.
  • Activate your WP plugin and complete the process.

Boosting users engagement and generating the right kind of data for your online business is a necessary prerequisite. Facebook is one of the top-rated platforms that has been improving content visibility and increasing shares and linkbacks for B2B and B2C businesses. The above discussed will help starters and beginners looking forward to activating their WordPress plugin.